You don’t know how it feels. It’s all so confusing and stressful. I will be sitting alone reading or doing whatever and all of a sudden, my hands start to shake. My heart beats as if I’ve seen something really dangerous. My stomach starts hurting. I start feeling so uncomfortable. I start sweating as if it’s a hot summer day when in reality I’m sitting in a proper air-conditioned room. I feel myself not being able to breath normally and start breathing heavily . I freak out but don’t know why. I try to calm myself down somehow but nothing helps . I don’t know what to do to calm myself down . I stand up to walk around but after taking two steps, I feel very dizzy. All I can do I think of all my flaws . I feel like people will slowly leave me for I’m not good enough. My head hurts. But you know what !? You wouldn’t understand. It will seem so small to a person who hears about it or sees a person having this sudden attack. If only you could understand.


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