She is the one who loved you even before knowing you , even before seeing your face , even before hearing your voice. She bared with all the pain for you . She loved you more than anyone ever could . She recorded each of your first moments. She gave up on her sleep , just for you . She did everything she could , just to see you smile . She knew what was the best for you when you didn’t know it yourself . She saw the tears behind the smiles . When needed , she became your best friend , your consoler , your back up. She saved you from all the bad things in the world . She understood you without an explanation. She woke up each day , loving you a bit more than she already did. She took care of you like you were a precious gem. She cried whenever she saw you crying . She knew what was wrong when you said everything was right ! She loved you unconditionally. She is your mother. 


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