Let me go

She walked straight to the middle of the highway road and stopped . Her head was low and tears streamed down her face . Her hair covered her red face and she stood there motionless. Soon after , horns were heard but she stood still. The car came closer in high speed but she didn’t move an inch . As the car came closer , she closed her eyes and stretched her arms out , welcoming her death. Suddenly , she was pulled off the road , just before the car could hit her ….

why would you do that ?“, he yelled . 

Because I wanted to!” , she yelled back. 

I’m fucking tired . I’m drained out . I don’t think I need this anymore . I’m tired of surviving. I’m just a disappointment anyway. I’m not worth this life . I don’t want to live anymore …. Don’t you get it ? I have thoughts bigger than this world accepts . I don’t see anyone around who’d want to see my face . I’m nothing. I feel lost in a place where I’ve been living since forever . I don’t want to live so just let me go….”


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