A letter by a broken girl , to her father 😭

Dear father ,

            Don’t you see – your words so rude are killing me. I’ve been wanting to ask this to you since forever – do I still matter ? Am I still the princess of my daddy or am I not good enough to be called that too? 

       Do you remember the last time when we had a proper conversation , without a single argument? Do you not miss me? Why are you so busy? So busy that you don’t notice your daughter being pulled in by the sadness? We hardly meet! 

               Are you too busy counting my flaws to notice all my perfections? Do you know that when I was a bit younger , I wanted to be a successful fashion designer when I grow up , but now all I want is to live with a little less pain, if not that , then maybe just die.

                       What if I tell you that I don’t have any of our sweet memories left in my mind , but all the arguments we had? What if I told you, that with each tear that slid down my cheek , made me realize that as we grow up , we’re no more the princess. I realized how disappointed I make you each day. I realized that even after trying my best , I wasn’t good enough to make you proud. 

                      Daddy , you don’t know how many times , I’ve asked our almighty to take me, the irresponsible , reckless brat who cannot do any good, away and give you a good , hard working and a bit more responsible daughter, that you deserve.

                    Daddy , I sometimes think how are you busy enough to not notice the pain in my eyes , the crack in my voice , the broken pieces of my heart, but you do see all my mistakes , my low grades, my spoiling face and my irresponsibility. 

                     All I wish is that I were never born. 

                               Love , 

                               Your daughter♥️


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