He was the funniest boy I had ever met. He would make everyone laugh, even when he, himself felt sad.
He was the most caring person I had ever met. He cared for people whom he barely knew and for someone who was close to him, even though no one really cared for him unless they needed something from him.
Even though he smiled, he wasn’t happy. Even though he made others laugh, he had to wear a mask of the joyous boy in class. He was always smiling but unfortunately, his eyes weren’t. I never really spoke to him but I did notice every single thing.
for instance, I noticed how he carried a camera everywhere he went. I also noticed what each picture that he clicked, tried to represent. If people saw past the beauty of the picture, they would see what his heart screamed. Each picture he clicked had a special meaning which no one noticed.
When we walked past each other in a corridor, I would smile at him and he always gave me the best smile he could but it was never a true one.
He always got tasty food and during lunch, he gave it away to his friend. When I asked him why- he chuckled tensely and said that he wasn’t hungry. I saw him skip his meals almost every day, for a whole year.
It was like no one noticed but he wore shirts with long sleeves, even on the hottest days. I wonder how no one thought that he could be self-harming. I tried to ask him why, but like the last time, he chuckled apprehensively and said that he had the flu.
Surely, his smile could light up the world. There was this one time when someone told a very funny joke during lunch and everyone in the hall laughed and my eyes searched for him. That day was the first day I saw him actually laugh. Also, I did notice that he was looking straight at me when I looked at him. Maybe he knew that I pay attention.
He is really good at it, though. He goes around laughing, spreading happiness, complimenting others and making them feel special. I wouldn’t have noticed everything past this too if I hadn’t gone through this myself.
I bet that if we cross paths again and I smile at him, he would definitely smile back and wave at me. I’m sure he would lie and walk away if I ever ask him about his eating habits or long sleeved. I still want to know him better. I want to know who he really is behind the mask of the boy who is the funniest boy in our school and has always made everyone laugh.


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