That’s how it all started 💕( Boy’s PoV) 

I rushed out of my house. I was so late. ‘How could I forget her gift?‘,I thought to myself. Oh thank god , I know what to get her. She is obsessed with love stories. She talks about characters as if they are her best friend. I have to admit , it’s very cute. Even with my bad boy personality , I melt whenever I see the sparkles in my sister’s eye.              Anyways , I got into my Audi and drove to the closest bookstore. It was close to my favourite cafe. That cafe has the best coffee I had ever drunk. 

        I walked into the bookstore and went right to the romance section. I did not know which book to take. All of them seemed to be the same. I just picked one book and searched for a store employ , to ask them how the book was . I looked at the book. “The lucky one“. Meh . I look up to find a girl walking down the aisle , absentmindedly. She had her eyes glued on the shelves as she walked. She looked so beautiful. So natural . I couldn’t look away . Even if I tried , my gaze traveled back towards her. I had met hotter girls, but she was different. Something about her, made my heartbeat race. She was dressed cutely. Unlike most girls our age, in this town , her skin wasn’t exposing. She looked so beautiful with those glasses she was wearing and not a bit of make up on her face.

               She wasn’t looking and walked right into me. I let the book in my hand drop and gripped her waist before she falls. I pulled her closer to me and saw that she had her eyes closed. “How cute” , I thought. She slowly opened opened her eyes to look back into mine. She had chocolate brown eyes with a slight golden shade. I smirked when I released how close we were. She too realised it and was slightly blushing. She tried to get back on her knees but failed so I pulled her even closer. Her body was pinned against mine now. I smirked challenging her and she blushed , embarrassed from earlier. I pulled us both back up. I missed her touch as soon as she took a step back. I missed the feeling of her hair in my fingers. She was checking me out and smirked at her knowingly. She blushed and bent down to pick our books up. 

                                    She saw my book and smiled. While she was giving me my book , our hands brushed against each other and I felt a different feeling which I had never felt before. I looked into her eyes to see if she felt it too but I couldn’t find any changes in her expressions , which made me kind of sad, but I didn’t let it show. ” Nice Choice! I just finished this book. It’s amazing….” , she said and I grinned when I saw the same sparks in her eyes that I saw in my sister’s as she spoke about her books. “Thank you ! I’m taking this for my twin sister. She loves romantic novels and it’s our birthday tomorrow, so….” , I said smiling at her. She thanked me for helping her earlier and blushed again and wished me for my birthday. After that she headed to the counter as I watched her. 

                                  She didn’t turn back even once and as I saw her leaving , my heartbeat raced and I wanted to stop her. I didn’t want her to leave. I don’t know why but she draws me towards herself. I run behind her calling out “the girl in maroon skirt!” She turns back and I jog towards her. I stand in front of her and scratch the back of my neck as I find this awkward. Never have I ever asked someone for their number! They always came and gave it to me on their own. But even though it would hurt my ego , I asked “Can I have your number?” 

And that’s how it all started. 


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