The door clicked open as a tear rolled down my cheek. I stepped inside my empty house. My parents were off to work and will not be back till six. It’s five pm now and I feel like I have enough time to do whatever I want.
As tears kept strolling down my cheeks, I climbed up the staircase, to my room. The room was bright from the sunlight coming from my window. I never liked the large window that covered one whole side of my room. I was wearing my gray joggers and black v-neck that day with my white shoes. I liked it plain anyway. I went to the window and pull the curtains down blocking the light entering my room. I wiped the tears on my face and decided to finally do it.
I went to my mother’s room and opened her medical box and took the sleeping pills that the doctor had prescribed for her. She would have a problem with sleeping sometimes which was affecting her health so the doctor did what was the best.
I walked back to my room and locked it. I stood in front of the mirror and kept the bottle of sleeping pills on the counter beside it. I slowly wiped my tears away and thought if I really wanted this.
Then again my heartbeat started to rise and I did what I had been planning since months. I took the bottle of the pills, opened it and emptied the pills in my hand.
I pushed all of them into my mouth and tried to gulp them down. It was tougher than I thought. Tears formed inside my eye from the choking sensation and I quickly opened the lid of the water bottle and chucked on the water. I drank the whole thing, pushing the tablets along with the water.
I then let the water bottle loose and it fell from my hands.
Just a few more minutes“, I thought to myself. For the last time, I played my favorite song. As it played in the background, I let my feet carry me around doing whatever my heart said. I did the ballet I had never been perfect at. I don’t know when I decided to do this but I tried to spin. The spin was the only thing I had gotten perfect with after a practice of four years. I spun. One round. Then I pushed myself for another. And another. And another. After about nineteen spins, my legs gave in and I felt my heart beat dropping. I fell on the floor. My eyes started to give up too. They shut close and then I knew. It was time. “I am leaving soon.” Any second now and this breathing stops. I could hear the faint voice of my favorite song and I hummed along and before I knew, all this was gone.


7 thoughts on “Death

  1. As i read this post, I felt like I was losing on you. I believe writing this post made you a better person in toto. I want you to know that even though it may seem hazy, there is a way you are supposed to drive to your dream destination. It is tough, it is messy, it is hard, but you got to carry on. You got to sweat. Anytime that you feel you can’t do it anymore, just close your eyes, and remind yourself of all of the things you stand for. Or repeat to yourself your self made memories 🙂 These will definitely help you!
    And just a last word, if you go on my blog there is a caegory “Teenage In Dignity”, it is actually my entire novel which is based on similar events,do give it a read when you are free.
    Sending you love and respect you deserve ❤


  2. Hiii Naina Didi,
    I’m Khushi’s Frnd(Tanvi.Punukollu) she has sent me this blog done by u,its an amazing blog and has alot to inspire abt. The grammar and the phrase usage is amazing.


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