A New Start

Things change way too fast. Two days back I was hugging my best friend and telling her I would never leave her and now there I was, thousands of miles away, in a new city, away from my best friend. Who knew life would take this turn. That night when I returned home after meeting my best friend, mom and dad told me we had to shift places because of the transfer and promotion that my father got. The company also gave us this new and beautiful house. I spent some time swooning about it but then thought that if I can’t change the fact that I have to shift cities, I can just embrace the fact and move on.

               So there I was, standing in front of my new house. It is a two-storied house like our previous one but it has an amazing garden. I carried my things up to the room that was supposed to be mine like dad said. It’s in my nature. I get excited over small things and I accept what’s in my fate. I love my room. It has a walk-in closet too. I quickly unpacked everything and hung my clothes in the wardrobe. I decorated my room.

It had white walls on two sides, a small veranda that was connected to my room and the door to that veranda covered one wall of my room. The fourth side is covered in black wallpaper with gold and purple designs on it. It had a queen size bed with a fluffy mattress and blankets in black. I absolutely loved my room. I hung the wall hanging I had made on the wall behind my bed. I also hung the photo-frames I had carried from my previous wall, on the wall opposite to my bed. I went inside the washroom which was connected to my room. I kept my toothbrush and my daily necessities on the counter and changed into tight black jeans and a loose white crop top. I walked out and put on my shoes and decided to head to the nearby store. I wanted to buy fairy lights that are operated by batteries, for my garden. I decided that it would look beautiful with the fairy lights glowing in the dark. I drove to the store and took five of the fairy light packets that were on the shelf. I paid for them and drove back home, excited. I spent my time decorating the garden with those lights. I put them around the bushes and around the huge swing chair in the center of the garden. The whole thing after assembling looked beautiful. It was almost dark so I decided to go and have a quick shower before surprising my parents. I showered and changed into my pajamas. I ran down and switched on the fairy lights. The scene looked mesmerizing. I ran inside to my parents and asked them to come out and when they did, they were really happy with the surprise. We had dinner sitting on the swing in the garden that night and then my father kissed me goodnight on my forehead and my mother hugged me and went to sleep. I walked into my room and went into the veranda. I was looking at the garden, taking in everything in front of my eyes and I heard a foreign voice. “Beautiful”, he had said. That’s when I realized that my neighbor had a similar veranda and a similar house. In fact, it was so close that if they tried to jump, they could come inside my room.

“Thank you”, was all I said as I looked up to see who said it and found a pair of gorgeous blue eyes staring right at me and not at the garden.


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