Ā  Ā  Ā  Ā Our school decided to take us to the cemetery. To pay a visit to the gravestone of the girl who committed suicide. It made me really mad. No one paid attention to her while she was alive. If they would’ve shown this concern to her while she was here, she wouldn’t have killed herself.Ā  Ā  Ā  Ā  Ā  Ā  Ā  We were all asked to assemble at the school assembly that morning and they arranged for the transports for us to go to the cemetery. It was outside the city. After traveling for one hour, we were there. It was a cloudy day which made the surroundings even sadder. I was carrying some lilies with me. The whole place was having huge rocks and hundreds of graves around. As we were walking to her grave, we passed by a grave of an old lady. The husband of the lady was sitting on the floor beside it with a bunch of roses in his hands. He was talking to her grave and I could see his eyes fill with tears. Our eyes met for just a second and I gave him an empathetic nod and he smiled at me. He was so brave, according to me. No one even glanced at him while I couldn’t remove my eyes from the scene. But then I thought it would be rude so I moved my gaze and followed the group. We reached her grave. “Rachel Morgan”Ā 

From 2nd April, 2002 to 2nd April, 2017

It made my heart break and my eyes fill up to see that at the age of only fifteen, she ended it all. In fact, it was her birthday. Tears rolled down my cheek involuntarily. She might’ve been in so much pain to do it. I never had a conversation with her but I knew that she tried everything and went beyond boundaries to make others smile. She might’ve not experienced so many things. I thought that maybe if I were in her place, I would regret this but when I read what was written below her name and the dates, I was broken.Ā 

It read, “ I have made many mistakes throughout my life, but I swear this wasn’t one of them.”



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