Dream 😰

I walked up to the mirror in my room. I took the lotion which was kept on the desk beside the mirror and applied it on my hands. The cold winter nights make my skin dry. I climbed into the bed next to him. Oh, he is all I have anymore. I pecked his cheek and lay down. Before I knew, sleep took over me.

I suddenly woke up and I was standing in the middle of the road. It was too weird to be real but it looked too real. I tried to move but my legs were jammed. That’s when I panicked. I looked around for help. There were small shops on both the sides of the road but not one living person was to be seen.

The next thing I saw was that a car was speeding towards me. I struggled to move out of its way. I tried really hard to move away from the road because it didn’t seem like the car would be stopping. I screamed for help, hoping somehow someone would come and stop this all.

That’s when I felt a pair of arms wrap around me. “It’s just a dream”, the familiar voice cooed into my ears. I instantly felt comfortable. Just like a million times, his arms felt like home. As I breathe into his scent, my breathing steadied and I started to drift back to sleep but the last thing that I heard before I was back in deep slumber was him saying – ” I love you”.


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