Empty corridor 

The school bell had rung thirty minutes back. The school is empty and I am the only one in the hallway. I stayed back reading in the school library that stays open till six. Reading is the only thing I do willingly anymore. It’s like books give me an exposure to feelings other than sadness. They fill up my heart with a warmth. My friend tells me that I don’t smile anymore unless I’m reading a romance novel. But I don’t a reason to smile or laugh anymore. Who cares though? It’s not like someone notices. I don’t know how I became this way. In fact, I look for reasons to be happy. Home feels too lonely. School too seems really lonely. And with everything I feel, things get tough.

I can’t help but notice the hate everyone has for me. A tear rolls down my cheek as I walked towards the door. Suddenly, I get pushed into the lockers. I open my eyes and see him looking straight at me. I tried to get out of his grip but he pinned me to the locker and blocked my way to escape. I took in a deep breath and looked at him with questioning eyes. He himself was holding a curious gaze.

He raised his hand to my face and wiped the tears off my cheeks. He moved a bit closer and looked into my eyes and asked, ” why are you crying sunshine?”

I did not answer and just looked away. ” I don’t know what made you cry princess, but I will bring back your smile coz I’m so in love with you”.


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