You couldn’t save me 😭

The room was really dark. She couldn’t see anything. It was like she knew where she was but she wasn’t sure of it. There were windows covering one side of the room but she still couldn’t see anything as it was a very dark, rainy night. At nights like these, she would cuddle with her blanket and sleep, but not today. She was feeling really uneasy for some unknown reason. The tapping of the raindrops on the window was making her feel a bit better. She sat down and hugged herself, not knowing what else to do. She had a feeling that If she moved, something unwanted would happen. So she sat. Sat and hummed the song she knew since she was five. Her favorite song. The song on which her parents danced, on their wedding day. She hummed it while the weather became worse. She could hear thunders at distance. She knew what was going to happen. Soon a lightening would flash near the room she was in and she would know where she was. And as she had expected, a lightning struck.              

    And just like everything gone. She was sitting on her bed and breathing fast. She knew it was a dream. Because when the lightning struck, what she saw was beyond explainable. She saw herself hung to the roof fan by a rope. Her head was hanging low and her eyes were still open but they looked so dead. Behind her hanging body, on a white wall, Something was written with red spray paint, which she clearly remembers that she had bought for a school project. What she had written was – ” you couldn’t save me“.


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