And she was gone 

          When she walked in the door, the sight in front of her daughter, left her devastated. The girl was lying on the floor, looking like she has passed out. In her hands was a bottle of pills, now empty. Her mother rushed to her and started crying, screaming for help. This could not happen, she thought. “Help me someone”, she shrieked. She quickly pushed herself off the floor and ran to get her purse, lying on the floor. She fetched the phone out of the purse and called 911. She stated that her daughter had overdosed on pills and had passed out. She asked them to arrive as soon as possible to their address. Then she went to her daughter, picked her head and kept it on her lap and started sobbing.                      

  ” Princess, why did you do this?”, she asked in a cracking voice. Soon, the ambulance reached their apartment and picked the girl’s body up. It was so fast and unexpected that it seemed like a movie. She just followed the men carrying her daughter. They kept her body on a bed in the ambulance and the mother just sat beside her crying. They told her it would take thirty-five minutes to reach the hospital and she needs to stay calm and that the chances of the girl surviving were very less. They started towards the ambulance and all that she could feel was guilt and tension for her daughter. She felt guilty for never noticing what was happening to her daughter; For not being there for her; For not ever noticing what was her daughter going through; For having her end up this way; For not being able to keep her princess happy. She clasped her hands with her daughter and sang her the song she loved since she was five. In a shaky voice, she sung. As the song came to an end, the girl’s breathing started falling drastically and she could see that the beeping on the monitor beside her fastened. Two men sitting beside the mother looked horrified and they started doing some actions that the mother couldn’t understand. They kept saying one thing – ” we are losing her”. She broke down in tears. Suddenly the beeping stopped and was replaced by a high pitch voice which was deafening her. She knew. She knew. Her daughter was gone. All she knew was that she could not save her. That she died right in front of her and she could not do anything to save her princess. 


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