Confused 🤷🏻‍♀️ 

And she was a confused soul.                                At some days she’d want to grow her hair as long as Rapunzel’s and at some days, she’d have the urge to cut them off like Tinkerbell. At times she’d laugh like it was the only thing she knew and at times she’d cry like a heartbroken girl. At times she’d sing like she’s performing and at times she’d be as quiet as she can ever be. At times she would want to live to see the day when she takes her last breath in the arms of her love and at times she wishes to end it all at once. At times she would dance celebrating life and at times she’d sit as still as a doll. At some days she’s a free bird and some days she’s trapped in the tower.

               If you’d ask her to choose, she would always be confused. For example, if you asked her about her favorite color, she’d tell you how she likes jade green eyes and deep blue eyes. How black made her look slim and how red made her skin glow. She’d also tell you how she got fascinated by the rose gold color jewelry she saw on Pinterest. Or, if you’d ask her if she would rather go on a road trip or an airplane ride, she’d be confused. Road trips are soothing according to her and she finds the sceneries really interesting, at the same time, she likes the adrenaline rush she feels when the plane takes off and she likes to see the view above the clouds, as though she is in heaven. 

                       For others, she saw a positive in every negative they have but for herself, she couldn’t see any good in herself. Life was a mystery she didn’t want to solve. The sky so high was her aim yet she was a caged bird. Waiting for the cage to break open so she could open her wings and fly away. Yet sky seemed too risky- for it had other creatures ready to hurt a small bird like her. So should she fly or stay in her cage and sing herself to sleep?


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