What more could I ask for!?❤️

Loving you was a choice I made. It started as a choice! It was slow and beautiful and my best decision. But as time passed, this choice became a habit. Waking up to your smiling face. Taking in your features as you sleep, I got a habit of it. Humming my favorite song as I make coffee and pancakes for you. I never got tired of it. Walking into the room and slowly waking you up with a kiss on your head. It became a habit for me. Watching you smile with your eyes still closed as you get up- became my favorite thing. Packing a lunch for you as you get ready was one of my daily chores and I loved doing it. You are all that is on my mind- when I read love stories while I’m in the subway, traveling to work. All day, as I sit in my office, your thoughts surround me. Sweet memories we shared, play as a slideshow making me giggle. When I come back home, tired, a cute candle light dinner with you makes me feel so much better. Laughing with you as we watch a romantic comedy, laying on the couch, has become a habit for me now. Dancing around the kitchen in the middle of the night with you, as we ate ice cream was a thing I was used to doing. Then, at last, I fall asleep in your arms, only to wake up to your face again. What more could I ask for?


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