Secret 🙊

And they shared a secret relationship now. It wasn’t always this way. Even if they were in the same class, they never spoke. Until one day. She called him up one evening, asking him if he could help her with the English homework they had received. It was kind of awkward at first but eventually, they got comfortable. Then in class, they smiled at each other when their eyes met. They started texting after coming home. She kind of started noticing his habits in class then, like the way he shook his leg, sitting in the class and playing with a pencil or a pen or talking to the person next to him, as the teacher taught in class. She noticed how everyone laughed at him for his poor humor but somehow she actually found him funny. One day while walking to class, she walked beside him so she started talking to him. They spoke and laughed and it felt so good. When they entered the class, she sat in her seat and he, on his. For some days, they had secret eye contacts and occasional hand waves. One day the person sitting next to her didn’t show up at school and he was asked to sit beside her. Well, you see how the destiny plays? She shyly said a hi to him and started noting down whatever the teacher asked them to. After some time he asked her for a pencil and that’s when she started talking. They spoke to each other in a low voice and giggled as they wrote down whatever they were supposed to. When the teacher started explaining, they didn’t pay attention to her and kept laughing until she asked them to concentrate in class. After being quiet and attentive for five mins, she took a small sticky note and wrote – “hey ^~^” on it. She stuck it on his notebook so that he could read it and reply. They started passing notes to each other in class and smiling at each other. When the class ended and the teacher walked out of the class, they started laughing hysterically. That’s when it took a turn! They started hanging out more often. They started spending time together at lunch and got to know more of each other. During class, they’d keep glancing at each other but never at the same time. They went out on the weekends and they spoke on calls for hours at a stretch. They shared something, something that could not be defined in words. They shared something really beautiful yet unnoticeable.


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