The girl who she really was…

Oh well, do you see her? That girl sitting in the corner. She never talks much. She just listens to everyone and laughs to herself. She is smiling all the time, yet that smile doesn’t reach her eyes. No one knows about her personally and even if she is quiet on the outside, she is quitting on the inside. No one knows what she goes through. No one knows, what’s going on inside her brain. No one knows what talents she has. Everyone thinks of her as the quiet, happy girl that she pretends to be. Do you know why she refuses to show her emotions? That’s because people don’t seem to understand. They judge others and talk about others’ feelings, that they never felt. So she took her time, to trust someone! When she did, she found herself being her true self around them. She actually felt happy in their presence and she actually showcased her talents and shared their secrets to them. Because then she knew that they wouldn’t judge her for her flaws but they will love her for them. She let her guard down once she felt like it was worth doing so…


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