A world like this 😕

They say that we should love our body, but do they accept it? They say, we should accept our thick thighs and belly fat, but the same people call you fat and ugly. They ask you to be yourself for who you are but then they judge you when you are being yourself. They say that we should not feel embarrassed about our body hair but look at us in disgust when they see it. They say they love you for you are so beautiful. They also laugh at your face because you have joined eyebrows. They ask you to never be ashamed of your thoughts and they laugh at your face when you let the world know what is inside your brain. They call you pretty, yet they look at you with pity. Sometimes they make you insecure with their words and sometimes with their actions and it goes unnoticed by them, but that does make you think so low of yourself. When we think any low of us, they ask us to see the bright side of ourselves and yet bitch about us later. It’s tough for everyone to survive that way.


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