Ingenue 💕

She was so naive. Living in her own world. Something about her felt like home. She was not like those models they show on television, yet people always ended up falling for her. She was like a ray of sunshine on a cloudy day. Always laughing. She was filled with innocence. She would greet people in a cheerful manner when she left her house for a morning walk. At times she stood beside that guy playing the guitar on the footpath and sing out the lyrics of the song that he was playing. She owned a small cupcake store and every now and then, she made cupcakes and went around the town, giving those cupcakes to kids and receiving warm hugs in return. She was really different. She was not like those girls who felt confident in short dresses and high heels. She was the hoodie girl. She wore a hoodie almost everywhere, which she has probably picked from the guy’s section. She cycles around the town, singing her favorite songs in her sweet voice. A voice that could make roses bloom. She dreams. Her dream is to own a small bakery in a crowded street of France. She wanted to live in Paris and learn about the love which made the city so famous. She wanted to learn new languages and meet new people. She fell in love with emotions. If you ever ask her about it, she’d explain. She’d tell you how she loved watching two people in love. Or how she loved watching moments that made her eyes fill with tears of joy. Or she’d tell you how the love that she saw in her puppy’s eyes, for her, made her feel so special. She was the type to shake her head and dance in the rain, like a small girl. She would sit in her room and read a novel watching the clouds fade, leaving the surroundings filled with petrichor. She was a clumsy girl. Always dropping things and always breaking rules. Always late and bumping into people. She never reached a place before the allotted time. She’d walk in panting heavily after running all the way to the destination because she probably missed her bus to that area. She goes to the church every Sunday morning and prays that the old man who lives in the house next to hers, survives another week against cancer. At times she would wear her headphones and dance on her favorite songs on a crowded pathway. She was made to stand out, even if she tried to fit in. Even if her mind wanted her to do things like everyone does, her heart made her do things her way. What a young naive woman, lost in a world full of sophisticated inhibitors. She had things a bit different. She found Lille’s more pleasing than roses and always carried a bunch of white lilies to her grandparents’ graves. She sat beside their graves and spoke to them for hours like they were actually there. Before leaving, she would lay her head on the gravestone and kiss goodbye to them. She had promised her grandmother to not to cry in front of their graves. She was the type of girl who never broke a promise. She was the type to make babies laugh by making funny faces at them. She would sit with a large group of people and make them laugh with the help of her ridiculous jokes. She would talk about the things she loved with sparkles in her eyes, it would make people want to know more. She always provided as a shoulder to cry on and often encouraged people into doing good things. All day, she spent her time running around and when the stars came out, she would sit beside her window and talk to the moon. She would tell him about a certain someone and end it all with a huge yawn and go to bed as the clouds covered the moon.


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