A New Start

Things change way to fast. Two days back I was hugging my best friend and telling her I would never leave her and now there I was , thousands of miles away , in a new city, away from my best friend. Who knew life would take this turn. That night when I returned home after meeting my best friend, mum and dad told me we had to shift places because of the transfer and promotion that my father got. The company also gave us this new and beautiful house. I spent some time swooning about it but then thought that if I can’t change the fact that I have to shift cities, I can just embrace the fact and move on.               So there I was, standing in front of my new house. It is a two storied house like our previous one but it has an amazing garden. I carried my things up to the room that was supposed to be mine, like dad said. It’s in my nature. I get excited over small things and I accept what’s in my fate. I love my room. It has a walk in closet too. I quickly unpacked everything and hung my clothes in the wardrobe. I decorated my room.

It had white walls on two side , a small veranda that was connected to my room and the door to that veranda covered one wall of my room. The fourth side is covered in black wallpaper with gold and purple designs on it. It had a queen size bed with a fluffy mattress and blankets in black. I absolutely loved my room. I hung the wall hanging I had made on the wall behind my bed. I also hung the photo-frames I had carried from my previous wall, on the wall opposite to my bed. I went inside the washroom which was connected to my room. I kept my toothbrush and my daily necessities on the counter and changed into tight black jeans and a loose white crop top. I walked out and put on my shoes and decided to head to the nearby store. I wanted to buy fairy lights that are operated by batteries , for my garden. I decided that it would look beautiful with the fairy lights glowing in the dark. I drove to the store and took five of the fairy light packets that were on the shelf. I payed for them and drove back home , excited. I spent my time decorating the garden with those lights. I put them around the bushes and around the huge swing chair in the center of the garden. The whole thing after assembling looked beautiful. It was almost dark so I decided to go and have a quick shower before surprising my parents. I showered and changed into my pyjamas. I ran down and switched on the fairy lights. The scene looked mesmerizing. I ran inside to my parents and asked them to come out and when they did, they were really happy by the surprise. We had dinner sitting on the swing in the garden that night and then my father kissed me goodnight on my forehead and my mother hugged me and went to sleep. I walked into my room and went into the veranda. I was looking at the garden , taking in everything in front of my eyes and I heard a foreign voice . “Beautiful”, he had said. That’s when I realized that my neighbor had a similar veranda and a similar house. Infact it was so close that if they tried to jump, they could come inside my room.

“Thank you”, was all I said as I looked up to see who said it and found a pair of gorgeous blue eyes staring right at me and not at the garden.


The door clicked open as a tear rolled down my cheek. I stepped inside my empty house. My parents were off to work and will not be back till six. It’s five pm now and I feel like I have enough time to do whatever I want.
As tears kept strolling down my cheeks, I climbed up the staircase, to my room. The room was bright from the sunlight coming from my window. I never liked the large window that covered one whole side of my room. I was wearing my gray joggers and black v-neck that day with my white shoes. I liked it plain anyway. I went to the window and pull the curtains down blocking the light entering my room. I wiped the tears on my face and decided to finally do it.
I went to my mother’s room and opened her medical box and took the sleeping pills that the doctor had prescribed for her. She would have a problem with sleeping sometimes which was affecting her health so the doctor did what was the best.
I walked back to my room and locked it. I stood in front of the mirror and kept the bottle of sleeping pills on the counter beside it. I slowly wiped my tears away and thought if I really wanted this.
Then again my heartbeat started to rise and I did what I had been planning since months. I took the bottle of the pills, opened it and emptied the pills in my hand.
I pushed all of them into my mouth and tried to gulp them down. It was tougher than I thought. Tears formed inside my eye from the choking sensation and I quickly opened the lid of the water bottle and chucked on the water. I drank the whole thing, pushing the tablets along with the water.
I then let the water bottle loose and it fell from my hands.
Just a few more minutes“, I thought to myself. For the last time, I played my favorite song. As it played in the background, I let my feet carry me around doing whatever my heart said. I did the ballet I had never been perfect at. I don’t know when I decided to do this but I tried to spin. The spin was the only thing I had gotten perfect with after a practice of four years. I spun. One round. Then I pushed myself for another. And another. And another. After about nineteen spins, my legs gave in and I felt my heart beat dropping. I fell on the floor. My eyes started to give up too. They shut close and then I knew. It was time. “I am leaving soon.” Any second now and this breathing stops. I could hear the faint voice of my favorite song and I hummed along and before I knew, all this was gone.

That’s how it all started 💕( Boy’s PoV) 

I rushed out of my house. I was so late. ‘How could I forget her gift?‘,I thought to myself. Oh thank god , I know what to get her. She is obsessed with love stories. She talks about characters as if they are her best friend. I have to admit , it’s very cute. Even with my bad boy personality , I melt whenever I see the sparkles in my sister’s eye.              Anyways , I got into my Audi and drove to the closest bookstore. It was close to my favourite cafe. That cafe has the best coffee I had ever drunk. 

        I walked into the bookstore and went right to the romance section. I did not know which book to take. All of them seemed to be the same. I just picked one book and searched for a store employ , to ask them how the book was . I looked at the book. “The lucky one“. Meh . I look up to find a girl walking down the aisle , absentmindedly. She had her eyes glued on the shelves as she walked. She looked so beautiful. So natural . I couldn’t look away . Even if I tried , my gaze traveled back towards her. I had met hotter girls, but she was different. Something about her, made my heartbeat race. She was dressed cutely. Unlike most girls our age, in this town , her skin wasn’t exposing. She looked so beautiful with those glasses she was wearing and not a bit of make up on her face.

               She wasn’t looking and walked right into me. I let the book in my hand drop and gripped her waist before she falls. I pulled her closer to me and saw that she had her eyes closed. “How cute” , I thought. She slowly opened opened her eyes to look back into mine. She had chocolate brown eyes with a slight golden shade. I smirked when I released how close we were. She too realised it and was slightly blushing. She tried to get back on her knees but failed so I pulled her even closer. Her body was pinned against mine now. I smirked challenging her and she blushed , embarrassed from earlier. I pulled us both back up. I missed her touch as soon as she took a step back. I missed the feeling of her hair in my fingers. She was checking me out and smirked at her knowingly. She blushed and bent down to pick our books up. 

                                    She saw my book and smiled. While she was giving me my book , our hands brushed against each other and I felt a different feeling which I had never felt before. I looked into her eyes to see if she felt it too but I couldn’t find any changes in her expressions , which made me kind of sad, but I didn’t let it show. ” Nice Choice! I just finished this book. It’s amazing….” , she said and I grinned when I saw the same sparks in her eyes that I saw in my sister’s as she spoke about her books. “Thank you ! I’m taking this for my twin sister. She loves romantic novels and it’s our birthday tomorrow, so….” , I said smiling at her. She thanked me for helping her earlier and blushed again and wished me for my birthday. After that she headed to the counter as I watched her. 

                                  She didn’t turn back even once and as I saw her leaving , my heartbeat raced and I wanted to stop her. I didn’t want her to leave. I don’t know why but she draws me towards herself. I run behind her calling out “the girl in maroon skirt!” She turns back and I jog towards her. I stand in front of her and scratch the back of my neck as I find this awkward. Never have I ever asked someone for their number! They always came and gave it to me on their own. But even though it would hurt my ego , I asked “Can I have your number?” 

And that’s how it all started. 

New beginning

I was at the park, with snoopy, my dog. The dog he had gifted me. I missed him, a lot. I walked up to a bench and sat down. I removed Snoopy’s leash and let him stroll around. I opened my phone’s gallery and kept our album on slideshow mode and watched as our pictures slid. ”God! I love him so much!”, I thought. A smile tingled on my lips when favorite picture popped up. He asked the waiter to click it. He picked me up, while I buried my face in his neck, trying to hide my blush. I felt like I found a reason to live. At that moment, my life was like a love story. He has been, all that I had ever wanted. I giggled when I saw a picture of us in which I was kissing his cheek and he was grinning with his eyes wide, like a cute baby.

                                                   Suddenly, my phone started vibrating in my hand and his name showed up on the screen. I smiled and took his call. “Hello, I miss you! You are so busy these days…”, I said. ”Hey! Listen, we are going on a date tonight, be ready by 7 pm! Dress fancy, okay? This is going to be the last time that I will call you my girlfriend. After tonight, this relationship is over! Ugh! I can’t do this anymore…”, he said over the phone.

                                            I dropped my phone and tears were already filling my eyes. Snoopy, who was rolling on the grass, came to me and started licking my hand, trying to ask me not to cry. I leashed him, kept my mobile phone, in my pocket and started walking back home. As soon as I stepped in my house, I felt like I lost all the energy I had and I fell on the floor.

                                       I spent my day crying over him until it was time for me to get ready. I showered, dried my hair and straightened them. I wore the black dress we bought together. He liked it so much… His face lit up when I stepped out of the trial room, wearing this dress. I felt a bit sad that all of this was now for nothing.

                     I did my makeup and sprayed on the perfume he liked. I then wore my mother’s watch, the one that always reminded me of her and the pearl necklace that he had gifted me. I remember, he walked up to me, holding a box in his hand and gave it to me, slightly blushing! That box had this necklace it in it. It was on our third date. A tear slides down my cheek, at this memory, and I quickly wipe it away, making sure that I wasn’t spoiling my makeup. I kept my lip balm and my phone in my clutch and walked out of my room. As I was heading down the stairs, I heard the doorbell. I quickly rush to the door and wear my heels that I had kept near the entrance and then open the door.

                                                 There he was, looking amazing as ever. He rushed in to hug me and I could smell his cologne. The one I was addicted to. He had his amazing smile plastered on his face as he checked out. “Oh my god! You’re so beautiful!”, he said to me and all my sadness vanished. I started blushing at his compliment. He was wearing a black tuxedo. We were matching again. How cliché.  “You don’t look bad yourself!”, I told him. He grinned at me and held his hand out for me, which I gladly took.

                            We walked to his car and he opened the door for me! He’s such a gentleman. I don’t know what I did that made him fall out of love for me.  In the car, he held my hand as he drove, his smile never leaving his face. This made me feel calm. I hummed on a song and his smile widened. I asked him where we were going and he asked me to wait, like he always did.

                                         When we reached our destination, I was mesmerized. It was the most beautiful place, I had ever seen.In front of me was a stone pathway, which led to a table under a tree. The tree was decorated with Christmas lights. It looked amazing. There was a lake in front of the tree which glistened because of the Christmas lights. I walked up to the table, not even turning towards him for a second. When I reached the table, I turned back to ask him how he did this and was shocked at what I saw.

    He was on his knees, holding a black box, which had a ring in it. It was the same ring, which I saw in the store while we both were goofing around one evening. I had jokingly told him that I wanted this ring on our marriage day. My eyes widened when I realized what was happening. He was smiling as he looked up to me.

           “Let’s end this relationship and start a new one. I can’t wait a single day more for this. I love you very much. You are the best thing that’s ever been mine. So let me do the honors of asking you to be my life partner. Will you marry me?

           And that day, my dream came true.


That’s how it all started (Girl’s PoV)💕

I decided to leave my house for a while as I had nothing to do now at home. The weather was really good too. It was snowing…. My first winter in New York City. I wore a black full sleeved top, a maroon skirt that stopped slightly above my knee and black stockings because it was really cold outside.  I let my chocolate brown hair loose and cover my head with a maroon beanie. I had a quick look at myself and head out. I decided that I will first go to the book store and then the cute cafe down the street. Since I shifted, these two places have been my most visited places in our neighborhood. I walk into the bookstore and was instantly welcomed by the smell of books. ‘Ah, how much I love this‘, I thought. I went ahead and greeted the bookstore owner. She was the sweetest lady I knew. On one Sunday evening, when I visited her, she made me a cup of hot chocolate and showed me her favorite collection of books.  Then I walked up to the romance section…. My favorite. I just can’t keep myself away from love stories. I had finished ‘The Lucky One‘, that day and was planning to read ‘Me Before You‘. I found it on the third shelf. I pulled it out and hugged it, while I walked down the aisle. I walk looking at the shelves, thinking about the book I would want to read next. Suddenly, I crashed into something hard. I squeezed my eyes shut and was ready to feel the ground. Instead, I felt a pair of arm snake around my waist, holding me up.  I slowly opened my eye to see a pair of blue eyes, staring right at me. Our faces were inches apart and I could feel his breath on my skin. My heart was ready to explode. I couldn’t help but take in a sharp breath as my eyes widened when he smirked at me. He smelt like mint. I could feel the heat his body radiated. I felt my stomach do somersaults. I could feel my cheeks going pink as I try to get back on my legs and slip again. I again shut my eyes and let out a squeal, but he tightens his hold on me before I fall. I open my eyes and I find him smirking at me. After what seems like an eternity, he pulled us both up. I finally have a look at him and I feel like he looks like those bad boys, I had imagined while reading all those “good-girl and bad-boy love stories“. He was the most good looking guy I had seen. He caught me staring and smirked at me. To hide my blushing face, I bent down to pick up our books. I noticed that he had taken ‘The Lucky One‘ and I smiled. I got up and I handed him his book. While doing so, our hands brush against each other’s and I can’t help but feel butterflies in my stomach. This time, I didn’t let my emotions show on my face. Instead, I looked up at him and said, “Nice choice! I just finished this book. It’s amazing….” he grinned at me boyishly and said, “Thank you! I’m taking this for my twin sister. She loves romantic novels and its our birthday tomorrow, so….” I thanked him for helping me earlier and wished him happy birthday in advance and headed to the cash counter. After paying for my book, I started to walk out, when I heard someone call out, “the girl in maroon skirt“. I quickly turn around to see the boy from earlier jogging towards me. He handed me my beanie which I had dropped earlier and I thanked him. He started scratching the back of his neck while slightly blushing and asked, “Can I have your number?“…. 

That’s how it all started💕


He was the funniest boy I had ever met. He would make everyone laugh, even when he, himself felt sad.
He was the most caring person I had ever met. He cared for people whom he barely knew and for someone who was close to him, even though no one really cared for him unless they needed something from him.
Even though he smiled, he wasn’t happy. Even though he made others laugh, he had to wear a mask of the joyous boy in class. He was always smiling but unfortunately, his eyes weren’t. I never really spoke to him but I did notice every single thing.
for instance, I noticed how he carried a camera everywhere he went. I also noticed what each picture that he clicked, tried to represent. If people saw past the beauty of the picture, they would see what his heart screamed. Each picture he clicked had a special meaning which no one noticed.
When we walked past each other in a corridor, I would smile at him and he always gave me the best smile he could but it was never a true one.
He always got tasty food and during lunch, he gave it away to his friend. When I asked him why- he chuckled tensely and said that he wasn’t hungry. I saw him skip his meals almost every day, for a whole year.
It was like no one noticed but he wore shirts with long sleeves, even on the hottest days. I wonder how no one thought that he could be self-harming. I tried to ask him why, but like the last time, he chuckled apprehensively and said that he had the flu.
Surely, his smile could light up the world. There was this one time when someone told a very funny joke during lunch and everyone in the hall laughed and my eyes searched for him. That day was the first day I saw him actually laugh. Also, I did notice that he was looking straight at me when I looked at him. Maybe he knew that I pay attention.
He is really good at it, though. He goes around laughing, spreading happiness, complimenting others and making them feel special. I wouldn’t have noticed everything past this too if I hadn’t gone through this myself.
I bet that if we cross paths again and I smile at him, he would definitely smile back and wave at me. I’m sure he would lie and walk away if I ever ask him about his eating habits or long sleeved. I still want to know him better. I want to know who he really is behind the mask of the boy who is the funniest boy in our school and has always made everyone laugh.