My feelings for him will never die.

The thoughts I had planted in my brain;

They always grow.

I watered them with my love.

I took care of them like it was meant to be.

When the flowers bloomed,

He stepped on them and walked away.


Dear stranger

Dear Stranger,

Here is my theory, everything that we know, may or may not be true, but since the explanation people have for that topic, makes it seem so real, we just accept it. For instance, all these elements in the periodic table were ‘discovered’ by some scientists. The names given to those elements were mere names but people choose to use these even today because that’s what seems to be the best thing to do and they don’t even have any other thing that they can do. So when someone tells you that you and your problems don’t seem to be of any value, in this huge universe where our planet itself- holds a very low value, even after having so many types of creatures existing on it, don’t let them do that to you. Because, the planets and the galaxies were imagined by someone and that seemed like the only explanation to the sky and the way things are, so people just accepted it. So don’t let them tell you that you mean nothing, because you do mean something. You are a world within yourself and you do matter and this huge planet, which has over seven billion people – killing it each day, intentionally or unintentionally, would not be the same without you.

You do matter.

A lost bird,

Isabelle Beckett.

Being in love

Being in love is like finding home in someone’s arms. It’s like adding a little bit of happiness to a sad life. It’s feeling those butterflies when you see your love. It is having someone to wake up for, everyday. It is feeling tingling sensations on the top of your fingers when you hold hands with your love. It is having someone to hug and kiss whenever you feel like. It is feeling all those emotions which you read about. When in love, you may stay up all night thinking about them or speaking to them. Their happiness is yours. All those sweet memories. Those admiring glances. Those sparks you see in the eyes of your love. Being in love is caring if the other person ate or not. It’s being possessive over what’s yours. It’s getting to call someone yours. Life seems a little more beautiful each day with them. Having someone to love is like wish that came true.


Right now, I struggle.

With all this bottling inside of me.

I’m suffocating.

It’s like stabbing knives inside my heart.

I feel it struggle to beat.

I feel it hurting.

I wish, I could explain.

Thanks for all the pain.

This may not go in vain.

I may end up killing myself.

For you push me off my limits.

I am not as strong as you think.

I can’t hold on any longer.

I’m leaving before you notice.

I’m leaving while I’m still here.

Prom (girl PoV)

I am not a popular girl. So, when the most popular guy of school asked me out for prom, I was really confused. He did it in such a convincing way, I couldn’t say no. I never expected anything like that. So, two weeks before prom, during lunch, he sung out a song to me in front of everyone and gave me a bunch of red roses and asked me if I’d be his date for prom and I said yes. It’s not like my crush would ever ask me out so I just went for the next best person. I wore a black dress to prom and he wore blue. The theme of prom was masquerades. I was wearing a black lace mask. It made my eyes look bigger and brighter. He wore a black mask too. I smiled when I recognised him and he smirked at me. I frowned as I walked towards him. He held me by my waist and introduced me to all his friends. Everyone just faked smiles or smirked at me. I felt out of place. Anyhow, I tried to stay happy. He said he wanted to dance and pulled me along with him to the dance floor. He didn’t know that I didn’t know how to dance. He kept his hands on my waist and I kept mine on his shoulder, trying not to get nervous. As we slow danced, he whispered into my ear – “all this was just a dare. What did you think? I would take a girl like you to prom? And now I’ll complete my dare.” I was trying to register what he had told me but even before I do something, he swiftly made me rotate and I couldn’t balance myself. I was so shocked. I knew I was going to fall. I shut my eyes close as a reflex. I felt two arms wrap around me, pulling me up. There he was, my crush, the bad boy of the school. The one that didn’t care what others thought of him. Maybe this caught my attention. His personality. He was frowning while he looked at me. His jade green eyes held rage. His grip tightened as he pulled me to my feet and whispered – “just move with me, let’s show them who they messed up with”. I nodded as I felt slightly lightheaded. He whispered in my ear asking me to wrap my arms around his neck and I did as he commanded. He then told me what to do. We danced along. I looked directly in his eyes and he, in mine. When the song was about to end, I turned my head to look at the group standing at the counter. They all had their eyes on us and looked pretty disappointed . Then I felt him pulling me closer to him. He whispered in my ear, “I should’ve told you this long ago, I like you so much and I felt like a fool to let you go with him. I’ve liked you for so long, but never told you.” With that, he kissed me and everything froze. I couldn’t feel anything around me. I couldn’t hear the music or the chattering of people around us, anymore. I closed my eyes and realised what was actually happening. My crush told me that he likes me and everything was falling in place.